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Our website is under construction, but here are some facts you really need to know right now:

At EyeCon Studios we make things that fly and then… we use them to make magic.

That’s to put it simply (and we like making things simple for you). But since you insist here is a little bit more about our services:

  • Aerial Photography/Cinematography 

Aerial photography/cinematography services using our custom built remote controlled UAVs…we can even supply the cameras!

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles design & manufacturing 

We build our own mutli-rotor and fixed-wing drones from scratch and we customize them to your own requirements

  • Post-production automation 

Why do something manually if the computer can do it for you? We write our own Extendscript and plugin modules for Adobe After Effects® for various post-production automation workflows

  • Post-production set extensions, digital make-up and video rescue 

Don’t like the background, something with the talent’s make-up, or any element in your aerial or ground shots? We use some magic and fix whatever you want for you.